Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade
Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade
Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade
Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade
Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade
Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade
Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade

Vegetable diffuser - Terre Nomade

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"An olfactory odyssey in the Mediterranean".

In Terra Preziosa, takes you on a journey with its "Terre Nomade" fragrance, the softness of the earth, exalted by a dusting of old leather, the sensuality of orange blossom and juniper wood. Strolling through the streets of Marrakech, in the heart of the medina, is a veritable olfactory spectacle.

This powerful, addictive fragrance will warm your home.

High concentration of Grasse perfume for optimal diffusion.

All our products are designed in Corsica and manufactured in our workshops in Grasse (the world capital of perfume).

Complete the collection with the scented candle and vegetable mist.

Floral, leathery, sweet, citrusy. Lemon, orange, orange blossom, vanilla, cade wood.

Insert all the sticks into the vase so that they absorb and diffuse the fragrance. For a deeper experience, have the sticks dance regularly. Reusable vase, visit our range.

In Terra Preziosa is a unique olfactory journey that transports you to exceptional Mediterranean locations.

You're buying an exclusive, one-of-a-kind perfume, created for you by our perfumers in Grasse.
We take pride in our mastery of French know-how.

Numerous tests are carried out to ensure that each product is of impeccable quality and highly concentrated in fragrance, and advanced formulas are used in the formulation of our products to maximize fragrance diffusion.

Our products are natural and eco-friendly.

The alcohol in our diffusers is of plant origin, and our sticks are made of natural rattan. This 200ml format will give you 12 to 14 weeks of diffusion, and our bottles are refillable.
We use no colorants.

From imagination to manufacturing, each of our products is carefully created in the South of France.

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Une marque engagée, des valeurs soutenues ! J'adore In Terra Preziosa ! Les packgings sont superbes et les parfums exceptionnels !

Marion. F

Notre hôtel est parfumé avec Sable Chaud de In Terra Preziosa pour le plus grand plaisir de nos clients ! Ils sont plongés dans l'ambiance Méditerranéenne de notre hôtel en bord de mer.

Hôtel Dolce Notte

C'est un véritable plaisir d'acheter ces produits, j'ai la collection Terre Nomade, la fleur d'oranger puissante laisse une véritable emprunte dans mon intérieur, les packagings sont très beaux !

Eva. D
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